The Difficulty of Choice

So our monthly board game meet up in Pasadena California at Game Empire this Saturday (join us, join us…). A few of us have talked about what we want to play. Two games I suggested 1866: The Struggle for the Supremacy in Germany and Red Poppies Campaigns: The Battles for Ypres.

1866 The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany    Red Poppies Campaigns The Battle for Ypres

1866 is a card driven game on the Austro – Prussian war. The rules low complexity and seem to flow well, but other than reading the rules I don’t know much about the game. “What?!?” you ask how can that be, you read the rules. My answer may seem like a cop out but it is simple. You cannot really know how a game is going to work till you play it. The only problem I have with regards to getting this to the table is guilt.

Guilt over the fact I have a lot of very good games on my selves that I don’t play enough, that brings us to the other game Red Poppies I have played before. Red Poppies is a grand tactical World War I game again with low complexity rules and interesting premise. This game comes with 3 different maps of the battle. Each map depicts the battlefield at different stages, one is 1914 and shows the entire area the battle took place as it looked at the start of the battle. 1915 is the midway point and things have changed, the trench lines are being built, sections of  forest have been leveled outlying villages are gone. The last map 1917 is almost a totally different map then the 1914 one. The entire landscape has been scarred, the city of Ypres is mostly leveled. This is to keep some historical accuracy of the game. In my experience if left the players the trench lines on destruction would be a lot of different if non-existent. I am not a big tactical game fan, but this game intrigues me and I want to play more of it to explore the proper tactics and strategies to be successful.

So I am torn, a new game to try with 1866 or one I have had awhile but want to play again. I have been thinking as of late I need to play the games I have more, and stop worry about new games, get more return on my investment as it were. But I have always wanted to explorer new games, my friends always joke I am the cult of the new war game as I always seen to have at least one new war game every time they see me.

So I will post next week and let you know which game I played this weekend, and hopefully have the first After Action Report I made for The Greatest Day: Juno, Sword, and Gold Beaches which I played the first session last weekend at a friends house.

Till next time… Stay out of my ZoC








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