Fill the holes as quickly as I can

Well it has been a busy several weeks. I went to San Diego Historical Game Convention with Tim and we set up The Wargame Bootcamp and demoed war games that whole weekend. We played a lot of Triumph & Tragedy  plus a few other games.


I also met two board gamers that live out here in the Inland Empire and I have contacted them for our next Friday game night, next week.

In other news I got two new games I am excited about, including a 2nd edition upgrade kit for Triumph & Tragedy. The kit came with a new mounted board, updated rules and new larger cardboard pieces (the blocks remain the same). So I am excited to get this game back to the table and try the new set up the 2nd edition rules have.

I also got some new Operational Combat Series (OCS) games from Multi-Man Publishing. One is called Beyond the Rhine, a game that starts in September 1944 after the D-Day landings and goes to May 1945 on the Western Front in World War II. It is a big game but I am looking forward to it, I don’t get to play this part of WWII that often and the large scale means there is a lot to manage.

I will try to post again soon


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