Game Review: Last Blitzkrieg, the first game in the Battalion Combat Series (BCS)

I have often wondered if I will ever get sick of playing board games, when I just think forget it I am selling everything off and starting a garden.

When I first saw a description on Multi-Man Publishing website outlining this game all thoughts of leaving the hobby left my mind. I haven’t been this excited about a hex and counter war game is long while. I immediately ordered the game, even though it wasn’t finished yet.


Game companies do something called pre-ordering where they wait till a certain number of orders are reached that will cover the printing cost and then charge your credit card for the game. Then they take that money and pay their costs to make the game and print enough copies to clear a profit.

I delved into an articles or posts I could find about the game. When the rules were posted (which the do a lot to generate interest in the game before publication) I started reading them and knew this game we going to be something different.

I was excited about the new rules, there were lots of new ideas on age old war game concepts. Without going into too much detail, supply, combat and objectives where re-imagined into interesting new constructs. And while some of the new concepts took some time to understand it wasn’t in my mind overwhelming to read the rules. I understood that these rules would take time and practice to become proficient at, but I knew this game was worthy of the effort. I didn’t even mind the fact the game was yet another Battle of the Bulge game where there had been so many of them before that I had seen and  / or played.

The game finally was released April 25th, 2016 and the war game community on was awash with praise for the game. I was watching the tracking website at UPS every day till the game finally arrived (it only took two days but felt like forever) and got home from work and open the packing box with breathless anticipation.

What happen next is what still amazes me to this day, I didn’t play it. I read the rules, punching a third of the counters and put them in trays and then I set the game a side for almost a month.

I know right?!? What was I thinking, I don’t know honestly what I was thinking, it was the board game equivalent of the sun got in my eyes and I was distracted.

Well other games are showing up and my door, imagine a procession of small cardboard boxes with colorful graphics on them marching in single file… I am hoping to get my focus on Last Blitzkrieg but for now it will have to wait.


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