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“Why this blog?”, or “Do you have anything remotely interesting to say?”

I have been playing board game since I was a kid, nothing really unusual about that. What I think some might find interest in is I have been playing War Games since I was a kid. These type of board games go by a few names, War Games, Historical Board Games, really complicated huge scary board games… I’ll just stick to calling them War Games…

When I was ten I was at my local Boys (and Girls) Club* and one of the staff there handed me this old board game called D-Day by this company Avalon Hill

Box Cover


I was hooked, it was a game about, well D-Day the Normandy invasion by the Allies to free Europe from Hitler’s Third Reich. The Staff guy (can’t remember his name now) showed us the basics and my friend I proceeded to play the game three or four times that day. I am sure we got a lot of the rules wrong but we didn’t care. I was so excited that night when I got home I proceeded to tell my Mom and Dad all about it at dinner. I remember telling them I was done with all those “dumb” board games like Monopoly, Risk, and Sorry and I was going to figure out how to find the D-Day game and other like as soon as I could earn some money.

My father James G. Kreder was a wonderful Dad, he introduced me to history when I was old enough to understand and while he was always patient with everyone he seemed to always be pay more attention to me. I remember that night at dinner so well because after I told him and my Mom how “dumb” other board games where he looked at me and said “Give me a week”. I didn’t know what he meant at the time and went on with my blissfully ignorant busy ten-year-old life. A week later (give or take) my Dad stopped me and said “I found one.” He had a big smile on his face. I looked at him sideways worried it was going to be one his bad puns that came next, “You found what?” I said. Then he pulled from behind his back a board game called Panzerblitz.

Box Cover


I must have jumped out of my skin I was so happy, and there my Dad stood a big grin announcing to everyone Dad did good.

So that is how it started, I was lucky and soon found out the local toy store in downtown Laguna Beach carries these types of board game and every time I got some money off I would go to by another board game. I also got into another branch of the game hobby called role-playing, specifically Dungeons & Dragons, which was back then called Advance Dungeons & Dragons.

One of three books you needed to play Advance Dungeons & Dragons


From then on I was role-playing and board gaming whenever I had the chance. Now don’t go and assume that was all I did, I was a fairly normal kid and did lots of other stuff too. To be honest when I got to high school I wasn’t playing these games as much and was busy being a teenager and playing around with computers (my high school had computer lab with Apple IIe’s, high tech back then). A bunch of life stuff happened and played on again off again through college and my twenty’s and thirties.

Then something wonderful happened around 2004 I started meeting some fellow board Gamers and playing board games again. These were not the War Games I have mentioned earlier but what are called Euro Games (see link here for explanation). I soon found a rather large group of the these board gamers and soon found a few that would play my beloved War Games (if you want a explanation of what a War Game is try here). And that is my story I play board games every week (sometimes more than once a week) and have a collection for 709 board games (you can see them here), and counting.

Which brings to why we are here on this blog, I love gaming and though I should share my thoughts a views on the matter. So here I will post articles on reviews and thoughts on games, commentary on games I have played, and maybe an occasional rant on state of gaming and gaming culture (obsession?).

I wish you well, hope you find this blog useful and above it all, enjoy the games.

*Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s The Boys Club was just called “The Boys Club” not “The Boys and Girls Club”. We had girls at “The Boys Club” but that hadn’t changed the name yet.